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The Grove Total Tree Care specialists can help determine what your trees and shrubs need to flourish. Through our sister company, Carson Landscape Industries, we offer a range of services and treatments that can control and prevent insects and disease, reduce messy fruit and pods, and increase vitality. 

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Tree Care Treatments

There are many ways to maintain and boost the health of your trees and shrubs. Scheduling treatments throughout the year will help protect your trees from disease, drought, insects, and more. Contact us to set up an appointment. We’ll look at your property and provide you with a schedule for treatments to keep your trees and shrubs looking their best.


The application of a preventative fungicide controls Anthracnose, a common fungal disease of shade trees like Sycamore and Ash. It infects trees in the Spring and results in leaf spots, curling of leaves, and early leaf drop in the summer.

Deep Root Feeding

The Grove Deep Root FeedingProvide trees with beneficial nutrients directly into the root zone with a high-pressure soil injection slow-release liquid fertilizer and root stimulant.

Dormant Spray

An application of dormant oil and copper will help to control over-wintering insect eggs and fungus spores. This application can reduce the use of pesticides during the Spring and summer.

Deep Root Watering

Performed on trees, Deep Root Watering involves an application of Yucca extract and water injected into the ground around the tree’s drip line. Yucca extract helps to retain moisture in the soil and clings to the roots, allowing them to retain water in areas within the landscape that receive minimal water.

Merit Tree Injection

The GroveControl sucking insects that damage plants and cause the dripping of sticky honeydew on sidewalks, cars, and structures. Merit Tree injections prevent infestations of Aphids, Scale, Whitefly, Mealybugs, Lacebugs, and Lerp Psyllid. One annual application in January/February will control these pests for one season.

Insecticide/Fungicide Treatments

Prevent or control infestations of insects and diseases through foliar or soil drench applications of insecticides and fungicides. Control insects like Aphids, Mites, Whitefly, Mealybugs, Lacebugs, and Caterpillars. Target diseases like Leaf Spot, Leaf Blight, Powdery Mildew, and Root Rot.

Fruit/Seed Prevention

The Grove Tree in Full BloomPrevent the formation of messy fruit or seed pods on trees including Flowering Plum, Pear, Liquid Ambar, and Olive trees. When the treatment occurs during Spring flowering, you can expect up to a 60% to 80% reduction in fruit formation.

Root Collar Excavation

The Grove Root Collar ExcavationRoot collar excavation is sometimes needed to improve the root system’s oxygen. This process removes soil and organic matter that suffocates the root flare.

Safari Drench Application

A Safari Drench is an insecticide applied directly to the trunk of the infected tree to help minimize the present activity of different borers and bark beetle species.

Spider Mite Control

Spider mites are tiny insects that cause damage to trees and shrubs by piercing the leaves and sucking plant juices, causing leaves to discolor and look unhealthy. One or more applications of miticide during the summer months minimizes spider mite damage.

The Grove Tree Health Care
The Grove Tree Health Care
The Grove Tree Health Care
The Grove Tree Health

Keep your trees healthy and looking their best all year long. 

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