Tree Assessment

Unsure What Your Trees Need? Ask Us for an Assessment!

If you are unsure about the health of your tree or considering removal, call us. A Grove tree care specialist can work with you to determine if treatment can salvage a tree or if a tree should be removed.  The Grove is happy to work with you to assess your property, provide you with a solid plan for moving forward, and then schedule a time to complete the service.

Give us a call at 916-231-8733 and we’ll provide you with a free assessment.

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The Grove Day Rate Program!

The Grove Total Tree Care has a Day Rate Program to address all the trees on your property – saving you time and money. Our crew will arrive with all our equipment ready to work. We’ll inspect your trees and pay special attention to safety hazards, building clearances, and structural pruning. This program is best at maximizing your budget, which contrasts with the industry standard of bidding work based on a specific tree or a particular species.

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